Berry van den Berg

Berry van den Berg, Ph.D Student
University of Groningen
Duke University
email: berryv -dot- dberg -at- gmail -dot- com
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About me

I am working on my Ph.D in cognitive neuroscience in the Woldorff lab in collaboration with the University of Groningen.


We navigate through life in complex, dynamic environments, in which the information around us continuously changes. To efficiently deal with these changes, we use attentional-control processes to select that stimulus information which is most important to us at each moment, resulting in improved task performance on those inputs. I use EEG and fMRI with healthy adults to study these processes. In the longer term, I will look how these selection processes change in the healthy aging person.



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Climbing in Turkey, thanks to Tim Howard for the awesome picture.

High on the list of activities I like to do is outdoor climbing. It is very satisfying to grunt your way through hard moves in which every muscle has to be perfectly fine-tuned by neural activity to get to the top of a climb!
Other activities that I enjoy is slackline (google if you don't know what it is), playing with computer systems, reading, playing chess, fussball. Oh yeah, I love to grab a beer with friends in a bar.